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The Etruscan Coast: a land washed by the sea for over 90 kilometres.
Tuscan land with the lights, colours and scents of the Mediterranean, where the sea is always the protagonist.
This sea has been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union and other major awards for its clean water and quality services.

Along the Etruscan Coast, long rocky sections alternate with sandy beaches, with fine or coarse sand.
The beach is public and free, organized with the basic services, or equipped with well-established bathing facilities. Taverns and restaurants offer excellent seafood cuisine, paired with outstanding local wines.
Greenery is everywhere, in the pine forests that surround the beaches, the forests and parks located a short distance from the coast and overlooking the sea, the city of Livorno and the prestigious tourist areas.
Scuba diving, windsurfing, and sailing are just some of the water sports you can take part in, thanks to the habitat, the particular climatic conditions, and efficient services such as the sailing schools, sailing clubs, and the numerous and well-organized docks.
And then there is the history, art, archaeology and hospitality of the friendly people that help to make the Etruscan Coast unique.

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